ZARI - Creative Design House - Surface Textile and Embroidery


Zari Embroideries is a Creative Design House & Sampling Studio for surface developments and  Embroideries. Our studio consults and provides creative design solutions to :

  • Fashion Designers - Services include Collection Building, Theme and Concept Generation, Providing Design Swatches, Prototype Development & Production.
  • Textile Agencies - Inspirations, Textile Forecast,Sourcing & Liaison to Manufacturers.
  • Exporters/Manufacturers - Design Swatches and Collection Development.
  • Fashion Institutions/Colleges - Workshops, Lecturing and Seminars.
  • Fashion Enthusiasts - Conceptualisation and Consulting.

Clients We Have Worked For


Design & Trend Consulting

Our design team gathers inspirations and researches on new concepts that build the collection for every showcase. We strive to provide early trends and discover seasonal forecasts which we present to our clients.

From creating the Theme & Mood Board for the collection, To developing fresh colour palettes and identifying the best materials and fabrics, We provide an exclusive and customised approach by understanding the designers requirements.


India being a marketplace and hub of creation, We take pride in the skill, materials and resources that are available for us to explore. From Block Printing, Dyeing, Hand Embroidery, Weaving and Creating Materials in Glass/Plastic/Resin/Metal, We believe sourcing is an unlimited approach. We believe in discovering unique textures and processes that can accentuate the look for any existing material and seasonally develop our own materials for the collection.


Creativity begins by first understanding the needs of the market and the desire to bring an idea in form of a physical sample. It is the art of combining Colour, Concept, Technique and Material. With inspirations provided by our designers, We can develop samples that further build the theme of the collection.

Collection Lookbook / Runway & Prototype

The prototype represents the first form of concept or swatch put on a garment. Our studio prepares Runway Pieces, Couture Gowns, Look book Styles, Pre Production Samples based on designer approvals. We provide our services and inputs right from Pattern Making- Artwork Creation – Toile Development – Fitting – Stitching – Final Packing.

Manufacturing / Production

Based on The specifications and requirements of the client, Our team prepares the production process to meet target deadlines and prices. We can produce for designs that are either provided by the client or have been pre developed by our studio.  For volumes above 500 pieces, We liaison our work to our associated manufacturers that are compliant and ethically sound. The quality control and final packing is conducted in house.

Educate / Lecturing

Our team conducts weekly studio workshops to educate and create awareness about Labour Laws and skills, Surface Art and Embroidery Techniques, Concept Thinking and Idea Generation, Different Methods of Achieving a design on Fabric.

We have held seminars in fashion colleges, Showing students ways of enhancing their creativity and teaching them the difference between Creativity and Commercial Designing Methods.