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In Association with The Ministry of Minority Affairs and NIFT, Mumbai

Our Take on Parsi Gara

‘USTTAD’ aims at capacity building and updating the traditional skills of master crafts persons and artisans. The Ministry of Minority Affairs has taken up this skill development program for all traditional arts/crafts being practised by minority communities, for their development and market linkages. This in turn will aid the development of craft and improve the livelihood by increasing trade of some beautiful crafts which are on the decline and other Handlooms.

NIFT Mumbai in association with Zari Embroideries Started working on the Parsi Gara Embroidery Project under USTTAD to conduct workshops in Mumbai and Ahmedabad for the revival study of this craft.  Our studio organised information on the Parsi Community, Demonstrations of the Parsi Gara Embroidery to artisans and conducted a talk on its current existence .

This project aims at reviving handlooms and hand work through design intervention and product diversification thus reviving many lost age-old traditions and keep them alive as a part of our culture and heritage of our country.
The workshops aim at infusing the value of this craft and teaching the artisans how to sustain its originality and work towards its existence. We are working towards making this craft come back to the market’s demand and supply cycle, thus rejuvenating it.